Welcome to GigNotes – the easiest and quickest way of preparing for a performance

GigNotes is an app for stage musicians.

GigNotes helps you prepare music notes for your performance and share them with other musicians in your band.
You can create your own songbook and use it to prepare your performance. This app has been specially developed on the basis of personal experience and needs for performing musicians. It helps to prepare music notes and setlists for performances using a minimum of time.

Simply take a photo of the music notes and write your comments (title, key, tempo etc.), put the pieces of music in order for a given performance and then upload as one unit to the cloud. The other performers download the whole unit for the given performance.

I use GigNotes because:

I can prepare a setlist for a concert
in 5 minutes

I can send setlists and sheet music to band members

I can use bluetooth pedals to turn pages

GigNotes is available on the App Store and on Google Play

You can use GigNotes to:

  • preview music notes during the performance
  • prepare music notes for the performance
  • prepare a song list (setlist) for the concert
  • prepare a songbook and later use the songbook to quickly prepare a song list for a concert
  • to scan sheet music
  • and many more…

See our tutorial videos:

The videos shows how to easily and quickly prepare a setlist and sheet music for a concert.

GigNotes – preparation of setlists from PDF files and sheet music images

The video shows how to easily and quickly prepare a setlist and sheet music for a concert.

GigNotes – preparing setlists from sheet music

This video shows how to send a setlist with sheet music to another bandmate using GigNotes app

Sending setlist to another bandmate

This video shows how to connect the AirTurn BT500 S4 pedal to the GigNotes app

Using GigNotes with the AirTurn pedal BT500